Macron announced that by 2021, coal-fired power stations will be shut down in France

President Emmanuel Macron from France had sworn to shut down all the power plants running on coal power by the year 2021 in France. They also decided to be an ideal model country in the climate change war, as stated by Pres. Macron during his speech in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum.
Mr. Macron clearly stressed in his speech directed to everyone the advantages of the economic modernization, and he said that the commitment to participate in the climate change concerns is an enormous benefit when it comes to attractiveness and competitiveness of the nation.
He mentioned that people should cease taking either of the two sides, one on productivity, to go for eliminating coal power in the entire country, and the other on the ongoing issues regarding climate change.

Francois Hollande, the former French President had fought to close down all plants powered by coal by 2023. His plans were thoroughly advanced by Mr. Macron who aggressively targets the timeframe to shut down coal-powered plants by 2021.
Though in France only 1 percent of energy comes from stations running on coal power, but their dedication to eliminate coal energy is a sign that the country is strongly driven to take the lead regarding the climate change issues of the world.
While in France Mr. Macron is turning away from coal power, the US Trump Administration on the other hand is dedicated to retain with the coal power energy for the country.
US President Donald Trump is utterly committed to revive the coal industry in the country, as was his promise during his campaign. Ever since Pres. Trump came into office, he had made a point to turn around some of the environmental policies on the US landmarks by the previous president Barack Obama.
Pres. Trump pulled out the United States from the Paris Climate agreement and he further signed an executive order that aims to break up the Clean Power Plan of his predecessor, Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama’s plan was to decrease the gas emissions from the greenhouses to lessen the carbon footprint, like power plants powered by burning coal.
On Wednesday night, Mr. Trump will be departing for Switzerland to embark on the global conclave. This is needed because a shutdown in government has somehow jeopardized his plans which are being questioned.

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