Tech companies demands green energy

As for the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, the contributing factor of the renewable energy demand are the tech companies who swore they’ll use wind and solar.
In order to retain their big clients, big power companies are modifying their policies in line with the renewable energy demand.
Google Energy Policy head Michael Terrell mentioned that they have the capability to make changes in the market, and they will follow the green energy.
As for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the corporations using renewable energy are Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. Since 2017, Google were using renewable energy.
Other companies are leaning towards green energy like Wal-Mart, Budweiser, and General Motors. This is not good for the coal industry which has been struggling since 2008.
Chris Beam, the Appalachian Power President and COO stated that there is no law requiring companies, but there are boards of directors who want to eliminate the carbon footprint. 

Last December, the Charleston, W.Va-based Company, made a contract with Bluff Point Wind Energy in Indiana to purchase 120 megawatts of green power, and required their businesses’ locations to go green. Beam mentioned that by 2031, they aim to generate their electricity from 51% coal and 25% renewable energy.
Apple Vice President of environment, policy and social initiative Lisa Jackson stated that companies are viewing renewable energy as a competitive advantage. Apple declared last month that they are using 100% renewable energy, and some suppliers followed suit.
Dominion Energy, based in Richmond, Va. made a special agreement to purchase 100% renewable energy to accommodate Amazon’s need to use renewable energy in northern Virginia to build their new data center.
In the previous month, Microsoft stated their plans to purchase solar energy in Virginia, and their renewable energy purchase is 1.2gigawatts globally.
Dominion’s Morgan said that tech companies started to use renewable energy in 2011.
According to the head of RE100 Sam Kimmins from The Climate Group, Walmart committed in 2005 to use green energy, and aimed to have 50% renewable energy use by 2025.
Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev declared that they will be 100% renewable energy users by 2025, and GM by 2050.
Energy consultant ClearView Energy Partners VP Timothy Fox stated that U.S. corporations purchased a lot of renewable energy last year.
Deputy Director Bryn Baker from World Wildlife Fund mentioned that companies are demanding green energy to build their facilities.

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