By 2040, all vehicles powered by petrol and diesel will be banned in France

Nicolas Hulot, the new environment minister in France disclosed the plans to have all vehicles powered by petrol and diesel to be prohibited from use by 2040. The petrol and diesel ban was part of the goal of the new President Emmanuel Macron to neutralized carbon by 2050 in the country.

The minister stated that they comprehend the dilemma of the car manufacturers in France, but they have projects on hand that can help keep that promise. Low-income families need not to worry since there are programs where they can exchange their fuel-powered vehicles to green energy-powered vehicles.

The declaration regarding the ban happened after Volvo announced that starting on 2019, they will only be producing electric-powered hybrid vehicles. Mr. Hulot informed reporters at a press conference that by 2022, France will cease using coal to create energy and approximately €4bn of investment will help enhance energy efficiency.

 The given facts were part of the inspiring five-year plan to promote clean energy and keep France’s commitments in line with the Paris Agreement. Mr. Hulot mentioned that France wants to cultivate its leadership in the policy regarding climate, and they strongly believe that overcoming climate change can show the people that the French lives will definitely improve.
Citizen panels will also be put in place. Aside from France, The Netherlands and Norway also wants to prohibit fuel-powered cars and aims to completely eliminate petrol and diesel cars by 2025, and Germany and India declared the same agenda by 2030.

 Minister Hulot also announced France’s plan to halt the import of products like palm oil and grown soya that plays a big role in deforestation in the world, especially in the Amazon forest, Congo, and South-East Asia. Hurot was a former wildlife TV presenter and journalist, and stated that deforestation accounts for 10% of gas emissions in greenhouses globally.

He stated that it is not right to support millions of trees to be cut down, when they absorb carbon dioxide. In autumn, the French Parliament will face voting on a bill regarding the prohibition of new permits for natural gas, petrol, and coal.

The country swore to lessen nuclear energy to 50% by 2025. CEO James Thornton from ClientEarth said that France’s statements are a good example in how people will see positive changes in the near future.

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