Elon Musk makes history: Mercedes-Benz is outsold by Tesla in the US

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk have had down months however, the electric-car company could be hitting a straightaway.

Atherton research with Jean Baptiste Su estimated that the Silicon Valley can soon outsell other respected car makers in report in Forbes after it outsold Mercedes-Benz last July-September. Tesla would not agree to this.

Tesla’s Model S and Model X, which cost more than $100,000, were bought only for status symbols which is probably one of the reasons why Jeremy Acevedo, Edmund.com’s manager of industry analysis, quoted:
"When they were just producing the model S and X, they were a niche automaker that really didn’t strike fear into the hearts of automakers,"
However, Model 3 widens its market targets by selling it for about $55,000 which allows even the average car buyers to afford it. Jeremy continued on to say:
"But now with the Model 3 hitting its production stride they are eating some of these manufacturers' lunch."
The executive analyst for Kelley Blue Book, Akshay Anand does not find Tesla’s rise to be shocking and even said:
"Tesla has done a wonderful job building its brand and creating buzz, so much so that it almost seems to transcend automotive at times and enter the ‘lifestyle’ brand fray along with the Googles and Apples of the world."
Sales in the United States during the third (3rd) quarter:
Tesla Model 3, S and X
German automakers (commercial vans excluded)

During the third quarter, Tesla claimed to have delivered 83,500 automobiles which is more than 80 percent of the total vehicles they delivered in the whole year of 2017.
Tesla might be able to surpass BMW, another car-maker rival which sold 71,679 vehicles as shown on the table above according to Su (a columnist in Forbes). He also said that it was just a matter of time before Tesla caught up with Mercedes-Benz
Later this year, a base version for Model 3 will become available at a much lower price of $35,000, is expected. When this happens, Su predicted that the sales of other car makers which offer hybrids and plug in hybrids such as Toyota/Lexus, Ford, Nissan, GM/Cadillac and Chrysler will be highly impacted.
When it comes to sales and marketing, Tesla hinted that it was able to advance or catch up. Their Model 3 was able to outsell all mid-sized premium sedans combined such as BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and even Lexus. Overall, they were able to capture 52 percent of the segment in July in the United States.
During the three-month period, their quarterly production was 80,142 vehicles which was a doubled quantity compared to their previous quarter, April-June.
A research analyst from the Center for Financial Research and Analysis (CFRA), Garrett Nelson said:
"We think they have the best product in the market of all electric vehicles. It's really not even close, but a lot of competitors are catching up rapidly, so we expect them to face a lot more competition over the next couple years." By this comes a challenge for Tesla to up their game and keep it going.
At the end of the second quarter, Tesla reported that the Model 3 had a logjam of reservations of about $420,000
Tesla has outdone the longtime rival for electric vehicles by achieving 300 miles on a battery charge. According to Su, Tesla's supremacy in batteries and in clever, autonomous and connected vehicles can help its other models such as the pickup truck and Model Y crossover in their improvement and may even challenge other automobile manufacturers such as GM/ Cadillac and Ford.
Elon Musk says that things were not running as easily. About two weeks ago, Musk agreed in a
For Musk, things haven't been running as smoothly. Two weeks ago, he agreed in a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to leave his position as Tesla chairman for three years and pay $20 million for making a "false and misleading'' tweet that Tesla had enough financing to go private. The settlement also included the agreement to add two new independent directors to the company’s board.
Last month, Musk caused a stir when he smoked “marijuana inside a tobacco” according to Joe Rogan, a host of a live, video podcast interview.

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